Zaptec Pro

A smart and efficient charging station for larger parking spaces in housing associations and co-ownership properties, companies and newly built properties. With a charging power of 22 kW, you can charge your electric car for a range of 110 km in just one hour. The available power is dynamically distributed to all charging stations. Zaptec performs load and phase balancing, and the charging station dynamically switches between single-phase and three-phase charging for maximum utilization of the available power. Zaptec Pro is certified with the highest safety standards.


Dimensions: 392 x 258 x 112
Weight: approx. 5 kg
Number of phases: 1-phase & 3-phase
Max charging power: 22kw
IP class: IP54
Contact: Socket Type 2
Built-in energy measurement: Yes
Earth fault protection: Built-in type B
RCD Calibration and self-test are performed before each charging cycle starts. The RCD can be reset automatically by disconnecting the charging contact.
Connection: WiFi and 4G

Pris: SEK 14 499,00
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